Hike to the Dragon Cave

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From NOK 400

The hike to the Dragon Cave at Støpberget is a nice walk, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Glomma Valley, the entry of Østerdalen, Solør and Finnskogen

From NOK 400

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Vi møtes ved foten av Støpberget, Elverum, og guiden følger med på hele turen. Turen tar ca 4 timer.


  • An easy hike in marvelous nature
  • A local guide will tell you  legends and stories from the area
  • According to the legend, a dragon used to live in the cave
  • Start the day, at the Norwegian Forrest Museum, tickets are included

Duration: ca 4 hours

Location: start point, near the foot of mountain Støpberget, Elverum



  1. Elverum